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Brilliant Lies  
Firescape Theatre Brilliant Lies
A timely drama exploring the hot-button issue of sexual harassment in the workplace, Brilliant Lies "strikes some dangerous sparks" (The New York Times). Written by David Williamson, the most produced playwright in the history of Australian theater, this razor-sharp work centers on Susy, an attractive young woman who, after losing her job, accuses her boss of sexual harassment. A mediator is called in to find out the truth -- only to discover that the truth is not so easy to find. Don't miss this "serious comedy" from Firescape Theatre and The Beverly Hills Playhouse of San Francisco.
Orpheum Theatre Hamilton
The biggest Broadway show since The Book of Mormon is hitting the road on its first national tour. Written by Tony, Grammy and Emmy Award winner Lin Manuel Miranda, Hamilton is a true landmark of American culture, tearing up the musical theatre rulebook with a score that is equal parts Sondheim and Notorious B.I.G., and a cast of ethnically diverse actors in the roles of the Founding Fathers. The story centers on Alexander Hamilton, one of our most important (and colorful) characters, who rose from his humble orphaned beginnings to play a major role in making America the country it is today.
Mother Night  
Custom Made Theatre Mother Night
Custom Made Theatre's Brian Katz brings Kurt Vonnegut's wildly popular third novel Mother Night to San Francisco on the stage as a funny, ironic, and metafictional tale of duplicitous spies. Also a love story, the book-turned-movie-turned-play follows Howard W. Campbell, whom true Vonnegut fans might remember from Slaughterhouse Five as the American-born Nazi propagandist. This time around, however, things are a little more complicated. Campbell's past comes back to haunt him and his quiet life in New York City as we learn we was actually a double agent for the allies, and passed along secrets through his anti-Semitic radio broadcast. Thanks to a series of betrayals, Campbell now awaits his fate at a jail cell in Jerusalem. Vonnegut's classic non-linear storytelling brings audiences on a journey to piece the puzzles of Campbell's life together, most of which reflect the last century's great historical events.
Roman Holiday  
Golden Gate Theatre Roman Holiday
In the midst of a whirlwind tour of European capitals, a young princess yearns to experience life - to explore the world beyond diplomatic dinners and Royal balls. Enter an American reporter, who almost overnight goes from covering the royal family to covering up her great escape. And in the span of 24 unforgettable hours, they discover the magic of Rome, the promise of love, and a secret they will share forever.
The Roommate  
The San Francisco Playhouse The Roommate
Though they're both in their mid-50s, Sharon and Robyn make an unlikely pair of roommates, much less friends -- Sharon's a staid Midwestern divorcee, who's happy to ante up her personal info, while her new renter Robyn's a hard-edged vegan from the Bronx, who plays her cards close to the vest. But when The Roommate finally does show her hand, revealing some shocking secrets, it spurs a surprising reaction in Sharon, proving it's never too late to take a gamble on changing your life. The San Francisco Playhouse stages the Bay Area premiere of this dark comedy by multi-award-winning playwright Jen Silverman.
Sordid Lives  
New Conservatory Theatre Center Sordid Lives
A true cult classic, Sordid Lives is a hilarious "black comedy about white trash" that was nominated for more than 30 awards during its long run in Los Angeles. Written by Del Shores, the author of Daddy's Dyin' (Who's Got the Will?), Sordid Lives puts a comedic twist on a story of unconditional love, acceptance and coming out in a colorful small-town Texas family. The entire clan has converged for the funeral of Peggy, the family's matriarch and a good Christian woman ... in spite of the fact that she died during a tryst in a seedy motel room with her much younger, much married neighbor. Watch the family struggle to avoid a mortifying funeral in the San Francisco premiere of Sordid Lives at the New Conservatory Theatre Center.